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Are you a transformational leader and/or organization seeking to provide exceptional learning and professional development solutions? 

Are you looking for a unique partnership with an expert in the field who can help you architect the solutions you need and guide your process:  QUICKLY and AFFORDABLY? You've come to the right place! 

I founded īLA to help guide leaders and teams on how to produce engaging learning and performance development solutions by adopting my five step process designed to help you reach and connect with your audiences with purpose and passion: The APPIE Process.  To this work, not only do I bring 20 years of instructional design experience and consulting to Fortune 1000 companies and global organizations, I pack a whole lot of enthusiasm to help you realize your goals to make a difference! 

By learning the APPIE Process, you'll be sure to reach your audience sooner and with GREATER IMPACT! Are you ready to make that kind of difference?!  


Margaret Hasna Kelsey, Ed.M.
Founder & Chief Solutions Architect


Are you a transformational change agent inspired to design, develop and/or launch an online course, podcast or ebook?  Are you also wondering...where or how to get started or make tracks on this great idea? You've come to the right place! 

I founded īLA to help guide leaders and teams on how to produce engaging learning and performance development solutions by adopting my five step process that is designed to help you reach and connect with your audiences with purpose and passion - The APPIE Process.  To this work, I bring 20 years of instructional design experience and consulting to Fortune 1000 companies and global organizations.  

By learning the APPIE Process, you'll be sure to reach your audience sooner and with GREATER IMPACT! Are you ready to make that kind of difference?!  


Margaret Hasna Kelsey, Ed.M.

īLA's invitation and mission is to help transformational leaders and businesses architect and share brilliant learning solutions, supporting our collective evolution. 

Our coaching approach and services are unique. 

They are designed to support you through the APPIE Process© with on-demand consultation to help you address  the questions and challenges each stage presents. 


Where are you in your APPIE Process©?

Get out of the ADDIE ditch. 

Awareness & Analysis
Proof of Concept
Prototype & Production
Invitation & Implementation

Anticipate with Awareness & Analysis

In the traditional ADDIE process, A stands for Analysis. It's generally understood to be the initial step to properly determine what's driving the need for producing a learning solution.  Often the analysis concerns itself with tangible factors and reasons, such as hard performance and productivity metrics. 

In the APPIE Process, we've thrown in an additional A into the mix for Awareness!  Why is this?  Well, as we know, we all learned a lot in 2020, especially about the importance of listening to and tapping our tacit knowing about the intangible aspects influencing our growth to respond to and manage uncertain times.  This helps us tune into what we value and how we align with what others value and need as well. 

When you bring your tacit awareness into your analysis, you create solutions that both resonate with your audience and respond to their needs. You name and claim your Value+Add©.
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  • Session Take-Aways
  • Define your target audience's needs 
  • Gather the data to define their current and desired states
  • Identify the gap between these and how your solution will address it 
  • Map this into a transformational solution
  • Name and claim your Value+Add©

Prepare Your Proof of Concept

In the traditional ADDIE model, the second stage, D for Design, is all about outlining the content and approach you plan to take so you can jump into the next stage, D for Development. That's all well-n-good, except it eclipses a very important opportunity.  You miss vetting your idea with your audience before you go to the lengths of producing it. In the APPIE Process, that's why the second phase is all about creating a Proof-of Concept - POC first. 

A POC lets your audience know how you've gathered all your data points, reflecting their needs. It shows them you care about being in contact with them as well. This is ever so important with transformational learning because it hinges upon the relationships you can and want to make to earn their trust. 

This important opportunity helps build your audience's interest in your brand, which will later support their investment in your business.  
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  • Session Take-Aways:
  • Outline/storyboard your content at a high level 
  • Create and share your Proof of Concept
  • Connect your audience to and with your emerging content and gain key feedback
  • Rest assured your larger solution is worth producing 

Produce Your Solutions with Passion

Not unlike the traditional ADDIE process, the third stage of the APPIE Process is all about producing your solutions.  But where we differ is around providing value right up front. 

In this stage, we look at everything you've laid out and identify a portion that you can quickly prototype and pilot.  Why?  This approach shows you are breaking ground, innovating quickly and committed to helping address your audience's emerging needs with a portion of your program they can benefit from ASAP. 

This demonstrates your flexibility and investment in their input as well.  When you can connect with their appreciation for your prototype, you'll also gain a lot more passion for production of your full solution.  

We then look at how you can produce your solution in iterations of readiness, to support quicker access and availability as well.  (Who's got time or interest in waterfall development anymore!)

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  • Session Take Aways
  • Determine what to prototype 
  • Promote and share your prototype 
  • Gather feedback and integrate it into future builds
  • Plan your iterative production cycle
  • Produce builds that WOW your audience

Invite & Implement with Inspiration

Long gone are the days when you can just implement your learning solution and expect people take it... simply because you either told them they should or because you made it available!  Due to the demand for digital learning, the number of solutions is growing exponentially!  The impact: What sets your solution apart from the others isn't just your content.  IT'S YOU, the content creator.

So, how do you get noticed?  How do you command attention?  By inviting your audience to YOUR TABLE.  You've got to make them feel part of something you want to share with them and they want to share with you.

For this reason, the fourth stage of APPIE process is about building your Circle of Influence to inspire participation in your solution. 
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  • Session Take-Aways
  • Identify top five ways to launch your content.
  • Review how to use social media for promotion. 
  • Learn live-launch methods to increase visibility.
  • Begin to build your circle of influence. 
  • Re-align with your mission to make a difference. 

Evaluate with Ease & Enthusiasm

Do you know what stage is most overlooked in the ADDIE process?  That's right E, for Evaluation.  Everyone gets all excited about the first four stages, but they tend to eclipse the last. 

In the APPIE Process, we pay extra attention to this last stage for an essential reason:  You want to know the value your solution is providing.  And, we're not just talking about the ROI, but also the ROE - rate of expectation. Without fully engaging in the last stage, you miss important data points that influence future solutions.

Thankfully, today's hosting platforms make it so much easier to collect data on key questions such as where, when and how your audience became interested and invested in your solution and how much have that participated in it. Equally so, you can tell where/when they fell off and lost interest! 

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  • Session Take-Aways
  • Gain clarity on your metrics.
  • Discern your ROE and ROI.
  • Identify key lessons learned.
  • Collect the data you need to ensure future iterations provide impact!
  • Inspire future work and innovation!


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Just prior to the Pandemic we moved into a beautiful new space in Yarmouth Maine. The Currency Institute was soon to be the new home of currency CAMP. A space to learn how to have a healthier relationship with money and be a force for creating a wealthier world.

Boom!! Out of nowhere. No more meetings in person. No more lecture series. No more group financial teaching and coaching. We reached out to Margaret and told her about our vision and the program we still wanted to create. She helped us create our virtual training program.

Now we are no longer constrained by the four walls of the institute. As the pandemic recedes and we go back to our original plan we have this incredible resource that can reach the world while still serving more intimately the needs of our home here in Maine.

Couldn’t be happier with how easy she is to work with. We are enjoying the quality of her work and Passionate about helping people use the tools she created to help people Find Your Financial Nature™ and Evolve with your money. Thank you Margaret.
Tom Shepard, CEO/Founder, Currency Camp


Stay updated | Stay current | Stay connected

Thank you!

Come join us! 


īLA's invitation and mission is to help transformational change agents architect and share their brilliant learning solutions, supporting our collective evolution. 

My coaching approach and services are unique. 
They are designed to support you through the APPIE process. 

Everything in life has growth spurts. Between these spurts, are periods of rest. Research shows our minds and bodies are far more creative when we tackle our goals with this appreciation. 

So, how do you make tracks on what's important to you, your team and/or your organization? By doing so in smaller, concerted bursts and bites. 
For the reason, drawing upon the agile method, my coaching services and consults are à la carte. They are intentionally designed to meet you where you're at with on-the-spot and/or month-to-month support to as you need it. 

Drop-in for an expert consult or a short series of coaching sessions to brainstorm your way through and out of a challenge wherever you are in the APPIE process. 

No long-term engagements.

Produce with Passion

Professional 1:1 or Team Coaching 
Supporting Your Proof of Concept, Prototype & Production Stages
If you've never designed a digital learning solution, it can be overwhelming at times.  The ol' ADDIE process doesn't help that either because it perpetuates a water-fall approach.  

In Produce with Passion, you'll learn the benefits that come from developing a proof of concept to address your audience's needs, a prototype that you can even launch, followed by the production of your full solution. In a nut shell, you'll learn an agile process that responds to your audience as you develop your solutions to support them.

Let's work together in one-month increments to help you make tracks as you roll-up your sleeves.
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  • Your proof of concept
  • Your prototype and production resources and schedule 
  • Incorporating feedback from your prototype
  • Mitigating and overcoming production pitfalls 
  • AND... save time and money! 

Plan with Purpose

Professional 1:1 or Team Consultation
Supporting the Awareness & Analysis Stage
Are you waking up in the middle of the night, excited with this ping:  "I've got to create THIS online course, e-book, job-aid, podcast!!"  Wonderful!  You've gotten an intuitive hit!  You have an awareness that a solution is needed! 

After having this epiphany, are you also wondering  "How do I get started? Now what do I do? How do I put it all together? Create a plan?"  

Most of these questions emerge from needing to gain clarity about the audience you wish to serve.  By gathering this information through a qualitative analysis, you'll be able to plan your approach with purpose!  

Let us help you with the effort in our Plan with Purpose Session.

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  • Your target audience's needs 
  • Their current and desired states and learning gap
  • Your wisdom and knowledge to address this gap
  • The content to gather and map into a plan with purpose

DO YOU... 

  • Wake up in the middle of the night, pinging with ideas you want to develop and share when you hit the desk?! 
  • Get excited when you read an article or hear a podcast and know you have something to add to this? 
  • Wonder how you can help advance and share your wisdom at work, in your organization or within your community?   
  • Want to broaden your influence and extend your reach presenting exceptional digital learning? 

The APPIE Process

An Audience-Centric Approach to Producing Transformational Solutions

  • What do you know about your target audience’s needs?
  • What’s the gap between their current and desired states? 
  • What will it take to bridge this gap?
  • What initial approach can you take to address these needs? 
  • Can you test this with a proof of concept?
  • What portion of your solution can you quickly prototype, responding to
    on-demand needs?
  • How will you collect feedback and integrate this into your production cycle for the full solution?
  • How will you socialize and introduce your solution?
  • How will you implement it, anticipating and overcoming your audience's immunity to change? 
  • How do you help them transition and transform?
  • What do you need to measure to know you have indeed helped your audience bridge the gap? 
  • How will you know they have reached their desired state?
The APPIE Process. Developed by Margaret H. Kelsey, Ed.M.  @2012 - 2021. All rights reserved. 

Launch with Ease

Professional 1:1 or Team Consultation 
Supporting Your Introduction & Implementation Stage
Are you finding yourself in this situation? You're ready to introduce your solution to the masses, but you haven't planned your launch.  Or, you've got your content out there, but you don't know how to get people to buy it?  

Generally, this happens for one of these reasons:  
  • Learners don't know how to find you.
  • Your target audience and content are not in sync. 
  • Participants are overwhelmed, so they don't finish it.
  • It lacks interactivity and engagement.
  • There's a lot of competition for your product.
  • It's priced too high or low.
  • The platform is not user-friendly.
  • Your promotional pieces could use some pizzaz. 
  • You're uncomfortable promoting it.

Together, we'll get to the bottom of what is and isn't working to make your digital solutions come to life!  Why?!  Because we want you to launch with laughter!
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  • Identify top five ways to market and launch your content
  • Review how to set up and use social media for promotion
  • Discover the FB live-launch method to increase exposure
  • Feel great about your digital content 
  • Re-align with your mission and vision to make a difference


"People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel."  Maya Angelou
Margaret Kelsey's deep knowledge, insights, and tutoring over the past couple of years have been instrumental in helping us to develop a highly professional virtual learning system at the Barrett Academy..
Richard Barrett
President of the Barrett Academy for the Advancement of Human Values 
As a curriculum designer and facilitator of transformation, I felt blessed and privileged to collaborate with Margaret who is a master in blended-learning. She is the very best instrumental coach for others in this area..
Patrik Somers
Systemic Facilitator of Transformation at Evolution Inside Out
You would be an extremely fortunate person if you have the opportunity to work with Margaret. She has such a tremendous insight to working with others. You'll enjoy working with her, more than just for a project, but for the experience of sharing professional integrity and energy.
Ann-Marie Grission
Fellow Delegate People-to-People Ambassadors Program to China
I just attended Margaret’s workshop on Breaking Out of the Box: Living Authentically & Purposefully. In just one hour, she was able to give participants a concise and engaging experience, where people got to meet each other, gain clarity on their sense of purpose, dig into their own values and loves, understand how they fit into a larger picture of self-actualization, and walk away with a real “ah-ha”. This was great. I highly recommend her as a leadership coach and facilitator.
Liz Trice
Partner, Maine Cooperative Development Partners
Margaret has done a spectacular job of researching and creating a web-based training for Maine DHHS. I had the privilege of voicing the material she wrote and I was impressed by the depth and detail of her approach. I would highly recommend Margaret for the development of any number of web based trainings. AND she's a true pleasure to work with!
Kym Dakin
Voice into Learning, LLC 
I engaged Margaret in a long term assignment to evaluate a complex learning program and provide a recommendation to enable a sustainable blended learning experience for my organization. Margaret brought many competencies and attributes to this project including her systems thinking, creativity and an ability to tap into people's strength. 
Deb Chaloux
AVP Learning and Performance Development at Unum 
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